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Work – Commercial and Co-working Space

Office Design Matters
Commercial Project Planner
Office Design Matters

Workplace culture is the most important factor to take into account when designing office spaces, according to research by Haworth. The research, contained in a white paper produced by the US office furniture giant, found that organisational culture is a more important consideration than efficiency and performance when it comes to office design.

“The critical achievement of workspace design is to integrate the various – and sometimes competing – cultures, values and behaviours of people to meet company goals,” says the white paper. “No matter how strong an organisation’s planned procedures, culture trumps strategy when the two are not aligned.”

The research points out that the workplace is usually viewed as a cost rather than a driver of performance, with emphasis often placed on factors such as increasing worker density and introducing homogenous workstations. However employers may be missing a trick, the research suggests, since office design can help companies build their culture….

Rest – Hotels, Motels and Resorts

Accommodation Project Planner
Renovation Budget Estimator
ROI Calculator
Property Improvements Masterclass
Property Action Plan
Accommodation Project Planner

Want to increase your room rate by 15% but don’t know how?

Sick of TripAdvisor reviews saying that you look ‘tired’ or ‘dated’?

Planning on a refurbishment but have no idea where to start?

Before heading down to the hardware store, check out this Project Planner.

Renovation Budget Estimator

So how much does a renovation cost? Have a play around with this Budget Estimator to get a ball-park figure for your property.

Need new dining chairs but don’t need to gut your bathroom? Want to renovate some rooms and see how it goes? This is the perfect tool to give you an idea of what you could be up for.

Now numbers are fun but they’re also deadly, so please remember that while we’ve made every effort to ensure the Estimator is as accurate as possible…the final cost of a renovation depends on many factors. If you really want to get some sharp figures, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

ROI Calculator

So now seems like a good time to check in with the strategic side of your operation and make sure a renovation makes good business sense for you. Push and pull the numbers to compare your current situation (Occupancy, ADR, RevPAR) with the projected Uplift and Payback periods after your renovation.

Property Improvements Masterclass

Coming early 2019…

An online training package designed to empower owners and operators who want to improve their property. You’ll have access to the knowledge and experience we have gained in building and renovating over 10,000 rooms, as well as insights from other industry experts and people who have recently upgraded themselves.

The Masterclass will provide comprehensive online training over 8 weeks. Each module contains short video lessons (between 5-20 mins each) and includes downloadable worksheets designed to facilitate the implementation of the content at your own property. It’s like having someone from our team coaching you through the whole process – for a fraction of the cost!

Pre-register today for a 20% discount!

Property Action Plan

The Property Action Plan is designed to give you a road map for your property’s redevelopment. We’ll spend a day on site getting to know you, evaluating the property and developing a concept and strategy to maximise its potential. You will then receive a report including:

  • Property Improvement Plan (Existing conditions, Renovation recommendations, Strategic recommendations)
  • Design Direction (Concept images that capture the essence of the Renovations look and feel)
  • Preliminary Budget

Get in touch if you’d like to book in a visit or find out more.

Play – Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Food & Beverage Project Planner

Work hard, play hard, eat & drink slowly.